Goal: Project ideation

Format: panel discussion with young, active audience and young politicians 

Cooperations: Center for Digital Technology and Management of the Technische Universität München and Global Shapers Munich, Youth initiative of the World Economic Forum.

DeineWahl! was held in 2019 for the European elections, 2018 for the Bavarian state elections and 2017 for the German federal elections. 


DeineWahl! 2019 for the European Elections

We Europeans have an important duty  – VOTE for our European Parliament! We believe in democracy and in our privilege to vote. Therefore, Munich Members supports the Global Shapers with DeineWahl! since day one. On May 9th DeineWahl! 2019 – Europawahl invited the youngest politicians of each party, who can be elected for the European parliament, to answer questions of young voters.

It was a night of intense discussions including all political views from left to right, challenging the young politicians to stand for their believes and values, but also asking the young voters to make up their minds and get their questions out in the open. We spoke about active European programs to protect our environment, combat youth unemployment and strengthen our European identity.

Of interest for our Munich Members: FDP (German Free Democratic Party) want to enable more funds in the European Union for innovation and plan to support European start-ups for inventing the next big solutions e.g. for the pollution with micro-plastics. Other parties pledged for more funds to support innovations in the field of waste management and to clean our – already polluted – waters and seas.

We thank our partners Global Shapers Munich and the Center for Digital Technology and Management for their work to realise this DeineWahl! format in its third consecutive year and are delighted that so many young voters showed their interest and participated actively.

DeineWahl! 2018

DeineWahl! 2018 for the Bavarian State Elections

Around 250 young voters accepted our invitation to DEINE WAHL! 2018 at the CDTM to debate and discuss intensively with the youngest deputies of the parties standing for election in the Bavarian state elections. And the young voters had many questions.

In regards to education, digitisation, environment and Europe, clear answers and statements were demanded from the Bündnis Grüne, Freien Wählern, SPD, FDP, CSU and AfD. The public’s interest was so high that even after the two-hour official part of the event, the politicians were still “held” for individual talks.

We thank the participants and politicians for the positive feedback, even though some wished stronger differentiation between the individual political statements.