Munich Members already has over 80.000 active members. Here we distinguish between:


  • CORPORATE INNOVATORS: companies and investors
  • CREATIVE INNOVATORS: freelancers in 13 sub-sectors of the creative industries


Every Member, whether creative freelancer, entrepreneur, politician, scientist, board member of a group of companies or investor, is an essential part of Munich Members and their success.

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It’s a Deal GmbH.

We are proud to announce that Munich Members is founding partner of the venture It’s a Deal GmbH – the platform for Venture Capital investments including start-ups and scaleups in developing and emerging countries.

As Munich Members developed over the last two years, we begun to look more and more into creative projects and innovations from entrepreneurs in Ghana, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Chile, to name just a few. Even though we started to promote these creative professionals and entrepreneurs, integrated them into projects and connected them with European investors from our Munich Members network, many legal and structural restrictions stood in the way that mostly resulted in long discussions and hours at law offices, not really leading the entrepreneurs, the investors or us to the final stage of investing in the project itself.

We came to the conclusion that it’s important not to limit the efforts of Munich Members to matchmaking and project implementation alone, but to actually develop a product that enables investments to be made via a platform that both, investors and start-ups, trust: the FinTech platform It’s a Deal.

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NEWSLETTER – December 12th, 2019: Newly discovered.

Starting off Munich Members exactly two years ago, we are proud of every small working step with you on interdisciplinary and innovative projects. Munich Members now being nominated for the City of Munich award „Munich’s excellent companies“ (Münchens ausgezeichnete Unternehmen) next to companies such as Allianz, Amazon, Bayern LB, Microsoft and UniCredit – just to name a few -, is a wonderful honour for us, showing that the passion and expertise our members dedicate to their work are well acknowledged in the city of Munich and already play a measurable part in Munich’s economic and social ecosystem….

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NEWSLETTER – October 31st, 2019: Dream it, do it.

…speaking of being international: we had the honour of presenting Munich Members in Florence, Italy, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of San Patrignano.

San Patrignano is a community in Italy that supports people fighting drug addiction and taking control over their lives again by getting clean and going back to school and/or learning a new job. As San Patrignano is completely free of charge and therefore reliable on donations, they had the fascinating idea of starting an art collection for their jubilee year to generate a constant flow of income for the community. They have asked numerous contemporary artists, collectors and galleries to contribute and the Art Collection WORK IN PROGRESS is the wonderful and rather impressive result…

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